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The map of the influenza H1N1, at 15-August-2009. The american nursery and the trail of the Monsoon.

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Ojo, amigos. You can read a translation in spanish of this post in this fantastic spanish site as well:

Well, this is the present situation of the distribution of the deceases. The data are from the spanish wiki, she updates them in real time, occasionally even several times a day, taking as source the press news by countries.

And this is the only way. The boycott of the majority of the countries to the WHO (by means of not giving their data) is reaching kafkian levels. The last thing I found there was this map that only can be described as “a map of the gap”.

And this is logically a big mistake, specially now in holiday, when the people moves most. It’s very important to know the risk levels existing in each zone. Not to cancel the travels (It’s not that bad), but for maximizing the preemptive measures, which are really simple:

In Spain, from the 11 deceases, 4 were in the Comunidad Valenciana, 2 in Gran Canaria, 2 in Madrid, 1 in Baleares, 1 in Albacete and 1 in Gerona. Not disposable anything else data, we must suppose these are the zones with most risk. Take some precautions if you are here. 😉

And in the rest of the world… well, right now the worst continues being in the american continent which is acting as the true nursery of the disease. I put here the present table of deceases by countries:


As you can see, from the 2.279 deceases, more of the half right now are concentrated in only 3 countries: United States, Argentina and Brazil.

The causes for this american fondness are varied. On the one hand the influenza was born in Mexico and spread faster in the near countries. On the other hand South America is located for the most part at the south of the Equator, where we are now in the Austral Winter. And finally in many countries is noticeable the lack of means or the political indolence.

They were specially striking the cases of  Argentina (where the burst of the influenza was hidden because it coincided with the election campaign) and the United States (where if you have not a private health insurance, you must pay to receive any treatment). We would desire that Obama is lucky with his public health reform, because in the present (and previous) state it’s not a normal thing that the country with the most means of the world has the most number of  deaths as well. Especially if we compare the United States with Mexico, where the influenza was contained with an obvious lower cost in human lifes.

In the table I included also a percentage with the percent increase in the number of deaths for the last 15 days. The growths more worrying in the zone are the corresponding to Brazil y Peru. There the influenza lifted off later, but it´s at its very peak right now.

And out of America, the good thing is that the influenza is being contained in Europe. Really we expect the stronger attack here for September/October, but it´s encouraging that the number of deaths continues keeping in so low parameters. The only exception is the United Kingdom, where the intensive air traffic of travelers with the United States is taking its cost.

The bad thing is that the influenza has spread quite a lot in the South of Asia in the last 15 days. It was the Monsoon. The rainy season is creating the conditions for the extension of the virus, in the same way that it does so with the common flu. Thailand and Malaysia are the main focus right now, but the influenza is starting to spread very fast in India as well.

Bad thing, if we consider the lack of sanitary infrastructures in the country. Ah well, here in Europe just in case we continue getting ready for the menace that can came in the Autumn…